Why RXNet?

We believe that innovative solutions and strong client relationships are key to the success of independent intermediaries.

RXNet is an innovative risk exchange network that enables just that - with a fully-integrated, FREE digital platform that combines the power of collaboration with innovative products and partnerships in value-added risk services. 

Built on decades of experience in the industry, we understand the value of high-quality professional partnerships for business owners' ability to find solutions for dynamic client needs.

RXNet Member Benefits

Strategic Partnerships at Your Fingertips

Our partnerships with the best in industry, from strategic risk management, valuations, risk finance, to forensic accounting and claims, mean that you can improve your product offering - leading to greater long-term client retention.

RXNET partnerships also provide members with an innovative referral platform that allows them to earn referrals on non-broker services. 

Interactive Training Solutions

We want our intermediaries to consider RXNET a one-stop-shop for CPD and product-specific training needs. 

Through knowledge sharing and easy access to a database of trusted industry leaders, members can improve their knowledge and expand their capabilities to include all aspects of risks services as part of their offering - increasing the quality of advice they provide clients, as well as their bottom line. 

Comprehensive Product Suite

In an increasingly complex operating environment, clients will rely on the industry to evolve products to cater for new- and diverse exposures.

Staying abreast of the underlying research and development will be near impossible for individual businesses to tackle and is ineffectual where the product is not the differentiator but rather a mechanism to articulate and calculate the cost of risk.

Overview of our expertise

Business Risk Management
With decades of experience in managing risk, we help you to manage business risk as quickly and as cost-effectively as possible.
Forensic Accounting & Loss Services
Our independent forensic accounting expert helps you analyse your clients' Business Interruption insurance against their risk exposures.
Property Risk Management
We promote a balanced approach to property risk management to help you and your clients overcome and mitigate unique property-related risks.  
Alternative Risk Transfer
We work with you to evaluate, design and adopt appropriate alternative risk transfer strategies to align business opportunities with financial security and growth.
We help you determine the appropriate level of coverage needed to preserve your clients' financial stability.
Risk Transfer
We support you in making well-informed decisions by analysing the dynamic risks your clients are exposed to from various perspectives.
Employee Health & Benefits
We help you design competitive benefit packages to help your clients attract the highest calibre of employees for business sustainability.
Financial Planning
We provide financial planning consultation to help your clients assess potential risk to business longevity and help offset losses.