Alternative Risk Transfer

Today, businesses are exposed to an ever-changing risk landscape, influenced by volatility in technological, economic, political, social, legal and environmental factors.    Financial decisions to protect your client from the impact of these factors are important to ensure the sustainability of their business.

Current challenges small businesses are experiencing is the ability to afford ever-rising insurance prices in conventional or traditional insurance markets, or the ability to get insurance due to more stringent conditions from insurance on risk management practices such as sprinkler systems as well as exclusions on policy wordings, inflexible insurance policy wordings, and how to deal with “uninsurable risks’.

We work with you to evaluate, design and adopt appropriate alternative risk transfer strategies to align business opportunities with financial security and growth. 

Our advanced capabilities and collaborative approach provide your client with risk advisors and managers that are forward-thinking and knowledgeable in preventative risk advice and management solutions. We deliver economically viable solutions through the interpretation of risk data, application of experience and innovative treatment of standard and non-standard risks.

Popular methods of providing financial protection for both insurable and uninsurable risks are through the use of various risk finance facilities.   Most common are Contingency Policies, Cell Captives or Wholly Owned Captive Insurance Companies.