Business Risk Management

With decades of experience in managing risk for small, medium and large organisations, our focus is to help you to manage your risk as quickly and as cost-effectively as possible and to put the mechanisms in place to make this competency part of your business. Our approach covers three aspects of risk management:

Risk Management Framework

We assist our clients to develop and implement risk management policies, practices, and technologies to execute risk management or, if they already have this in place, to evaluate the adequacy and effectiveness as well as the maturity thereof in their organisations and then to close any gaps that may exist. We also assist with the implementation of various risk management technology systems and/or to improve and optimise where existing systems may not deliver optimal value. We have relationships with many of the existing software providers in the South African market.

Management of Risk

We help our clients to develop risk mitigating strategies for specific risks that they may face, aimed at managing the risk to within our clients’ risk appetite. We also assist with alignment of risk appetite statements with expectations from governing bodies (boards) and shareholders. Our focus areas include ethics risk, compliance risk, business interruption risk, financial risk, ICT risk, etc.

Risk Governance

We enable our clients to align their governance and oversight of risk management and the risk reporting that they submit to their governing bodies (boards), shareholders and other stakeholders. We assist with alignment of risk appetite in memoranda of incorporation, board charters, board sub-committee terms of reference, delegations of authority and C-suite performance agreements. 
We focus on helping our clients to add real business value through their risk management efforts and not only to comply with minimum requirements.