Forensic Accounting & Loss Services

Our independent forensic accounting expert helps you analyse your clients' Business Interruption (BI) Insurance against
their risk exposures to reveal both the effectiveness of cover and identify uninsured risks. 

Services include:

  • Computation of Declared Values for Gross Profit
  • Advice on Policy Wording, Policy Interpretation and Response
  • Review of Limits of Liability and Sub-Limits
  • Indemnity Period Reviews

Our independent partner uses bespoke models and forensic accounting expertise to conduct a detailed analysis of your clients' BI coverage together with an assessment of the insurable risks faced by their business.

We can then advise you on the adequacy of the sums insured, indemnity period, limits, sub-limits, insured rate of gross profit calculation, policy clauses and the evaluation of Estimated and Probable Maximum Loss values. 

Our reports highlight any flaws in the adequacy of your BI coverage in relation to the insurable risk exposures of your business and recommend improvements.