Property Risk Management

We promote a balanced approach to property risk management to help you and your clients overcome and mitigate unique property-related risks.  As a key pillar to mitigating exposures, a holistic risk management approach can have a multiplying effect on the sustainability of an organisation and can reduce the overall cost of risk significantly over time.

Our approach augments any existing risk management program. Starting with a review of the current program and the firm's objectives, which Is then benchmarked against local compliance requirements and best practice before designing a relevant and impactful solution.

Our services include identification, assessment, quantification and mitigation of property risks with the key differentiator being the experience of our consulting team.

As an output, your clients can expect professional business continuity management, emergency planning, crisis management services. Our specific solutions include but are not limited to:

  • Risk Profile reports
  • Loss control reports
  • Liability and safety reviews
  • Operational risk reviews
  • Project risk assessments
  • Risk quantification assessments
  • Maximum foreseeable/probable loss estimations
  • Environmental risk assessment
  • Natural hazard studies
  • Business interruption and inter-dependency analyses
  • Fire specification reviews
  • Property risk management policies, standards, and guideline